Glenn MyersI write comic novels and I research and write up stuff that interests me. All of it explores the borders between belief, scepticism and doubt. Faith and humour put grace into our jumbled lives.

The comic fiction (a trilogy)

Here’s the comic fiction:

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I’ve published a lot of non-fiction over the years but here’s my latest, my geeky take on the Christian faith. (I wrote it while recovering from a coma after being somewhat miraculously healed.)

‘Your book is wonderful! I do hope it is widely read’ Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys FRS, CBE.

This title is an Amazon Kindle theology bestseller 1 and it’s all yours as a free download.

See my  blog for more journalism on these themes and further helpings of banana-related goodness.

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I want to write rigorous, creative, funny, thoughtful stuff, exploring big themes.  If you want to support what I do, please write a review, order copies, or tell your friends.

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Your click-and-go guide to downloads and deliveries

TitleKindleEbookEbook, Kindle and other formatsPaperback, delivered to your door
Paradise - a divine comedy (Jamie's Myth #1)Free on KindleFree at the iBookstoreFree on SmashwordsPaperback
The Wheels of the World (Jamie's Myth #2)KindleiBookstoreSmashwordsPaperback
The Sump of Lost Dreams (Jamie's Myth #3)Coming soon. Download the prologue for freeMay be a good Christmas present!
More than Bananas How the Christian faith works for me and the whole world.Free on KindleFree at the iBookstoreFree on SmashwordsPaperback

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  1. By which I mean it’s spent more than a year near the top of Amazon’s list of free theology downloads, so let’s not get too excited.